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Who We Are

The Global Village is a community of humans who create life-defining experiences for the youth. We leverage the power of movement and meditation to assist students in learning to identify emotions in themselves and others, develop compassion, and learn tools to self-soothe.

Our Projects

Purpose-driven programs

The Village Dance Program

Students come to understand that they are important; they matter; that there are people who care about them, all while learning priceless skills that will help them build successful futures. Students study multiple dance and meditation forms in a studio setting with professional teaching artists.

Customized Workshops

We provide customized workshops to schools, homeless shelters, dance studios, and community centers. Our team has developed workshops to maximize impact and leverage scientific data to support, expand, and redefine possibilities for our youth.

School Assemblies

Our community has created life-defining assemblies and support networks for children attending underfunded schools in the USA. We're on a mission to plug gaps that these schools simply do not have the resources to fill.


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Become more connected

Global Village programs create more connectivity in the brain, body, and community — while combating what The World Health Organization declares is the #1 cause of disease on the planet, loneliness.

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Self Regulate Emotions

Our methodology gently guides kids in releasing stagnant emotions to embody more joyful ones, teaching young people how to self-regulate their emotions.

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Turn Potential into Purpose

Our primary focus is to empower the youth to take charge of their own lives, by evoking a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being in participants.


The Global Village Initiative

Our youth, the most vulnerable members of society, face pressures and stress at a level unknown in modern times.

Bullying. Racism. Peer pressure. Climate change. Wars. Homelessness. Violence. Gangs. Drugs. Abuse or neglect at home. Food insecurity. Mental health issues. Pandemics. Poverty. How can we deepen resilience in children so they can thrive despite such overwhelming obstacles?

After a successful career as a dancer and choreographer, founder Liz LeGrande donated everything she owned to charity and moved to Bali, where she vigorously studied meditation and breathwork. Upon returning to the states, she traveled the nation on a mission to empower teenagers through the healing powers of movement and meditation. LeGrande visited nearly 100 public schools throughout 22 states, meeting with some students in state-of-the-art performance halls and air-conditioned computer labs overlooking lush gardens and waterscapes. Then, just a few miles down the road, she worked with students in crumbling cinderblock classrooms, hardscape playgrounds, and nothing but bleakness visible through grimy windows. Those disadvantaged educational environments communicated a dire message to the students, “You’ll never amount to anything.”The economic disparities and multiple social crises she saw in the schools burdened her. “What can I do to ensure that all students receive the tools they need to thrive?”That burning question led Ms.LeGrande to create The Global Village, to empower students to develop emotionally and socially regardless of their economic circumstances.

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Putting humans in places to empower

The Village was founded by Liz LeGrande, a multi-faceted loving spirit who assembled a tight-knit team of powerhouse professionals, whose skills traverse the spectrum of the non-profit world, dance, wellness, psychology, data science, AI, marketing, and event curation. The GV team has collaborated with world-class artists, including Beyonce, Usher, Katy Perry, Ciara, Thomas Rhett, and more. Their work has taken them to the outlet of film and television, including productions such as Glee, Dancing With The Stars, Empire, Shake It Up, and more. As an interconnected web of humans passionate to create meaningful change, we are unlimited in the realms of talent, technology, passion, and commitment.

Liz Legrande

Brooke McMahn

Kate Tsubata

Wil Phearson III

Paige Felix

Muddy Bhatt

Sandeep Gill

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Creating meaningful connections

We have assembled a team of community leaders, educational experts, pediatric behavioral health professionals, and equity-focused organizers. Together we develop projects to maximize impact, leverage scientific data, and provide mentor networks designed to support, expand, and redefine possibilities for our youth.We need your help to make this dream, a reality.